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Children undertaking voluntary work to be awarded a prize named after Victor Calvagna

February 12, 2022

The memory of paediatric consultant Victor Calvagna will continue to live on with an annual award for children undertaking voluntary work.

The awards were launched by the Uffiċċju tal-Kummissarju tal-Volontarjat Jesmond Saliba and aimed at inducing children from a young age to perform needed voluntary work among those in the community needing help.

This will be awarded to children aged between six years and 12 and was launched by the Commissioner for Voluntary Work, Jesmond Saliba, and enable the valuable medical help of consultant Calvagna to remain alive and active.

It was Dr. Calvagna who was the founder and President of Puttinu Cares who died at the beginning of January after he was struck down by a vehicle at Qawra in December last year. He was aged 63.

Commissioner Saliba said there cannot be a better personalty than Dr. Calvagna for this award because he was a person with a passion and a dedication that went beyond any limits and this will enable the continuance of the legacy he left behind. He said there can be no better way to encourage children to contribute to voluntary devotion and commemorate Dr. Calvagna and all this devotion it meant to him.

The first edition of the award will be launched in September.

Martina Fenech, one of Dr. Calvagna’s patients, recalled that it was Calvagna for the whole of 20 years had faced challenges on his own as far as child oncology was concerned and all those children and youths affected fell under his passionate care. Although he was a consultant his work continued day and night on a 24/7 basis.

She recalled that when he always wanted to be updated on any development regarding his patients and when she was hospitalised he would phone at about midnight to ensure the children there were not needing anything and whether they are peaceful. She said this left a great impact on her because he treated his patients as if they were his own children and she further recalled that as a child they would say “the boss has called” and if he ascertained that all was well he would sleep and get some rest.

The Permanent Secretary at the Education Ministry, Matthew Vella, said these awards will highlight the work of NGOs and enable them to work hand-in-hand. He said that children are not only the future but they are also the present and therefore these should be supported to embrace voluntary work and appreciate they are serving the community and are there to help people.